Rev's Pathfinder Campaign

Into the Deep
Exploring the undertower

Third of Desnus, first Fireday, Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Two, Absolom Reckoning
(5/3/4702 AR)

The night passed without incident, the only disturbance being Jandor and Noddle’s snoring. After breakfast the party began to look around the base of the ruin for an entrance. When none could be found Jandor and Noddle broke out the shovel and the pick. After two hours of digging, they managed to uncover a pattern that Reda was able to identify from her perch high on the crumbled wall. It took a short time to clear away the debris and gravel but finaly an enterance was uncovered.

Setting out

Second of Desnus, first Toilday Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Two, Absolom Reckoning
(5/2/4702 AR)

That morning, the party set out for Egan’s Wood. It was a warm spring morning, and the Southerly trek down the Lost Coast Road was pleasant. They crossed the Cougar River shortly after leaving town and passed through the Ashen Moors. They found no trouble passing north of the Brinestump Marsh. And eventually rounded the southern side of the Ashen Rise, a limestone escarpment. After three hours of walking, Egan’s Wood came into view, on the Eastern side of the Ashen Rise. The party broke for lunch at one of the farms south of the wood and were treated by the farmer and his family. The farmer had never heard anything about a tower in the wood, but warned them of the dangers they might find inside. He said that Egan’s Wood was infested with giant spiders and as a result no one ever allowed livestock to graze it. He also stated that the spiders atracted a large amount of Mites; small craven fey resembling goblins, to congregate to the area. Apparently Mites held some affinity to the spiders. After lunch, the adventurers bid the farmer farewell and entered the wood. Jandor took up the lead and using a copy of the old map that Feldoh had made, proceeded to guide the party through the woods. The going was slow through the thick brush and webs. after two hours of wandering it was becoming apparent that they were lost. Just as Jandor was getting truly frustrated, they stumbled across a group of three small beings. They had pale blue skin and stood less than three feet tall. Their faces were hideously ugly and dominated by a pair of puffy, over sized eyes. Reda flung her dagger into the closest one and brief vicious melee ensued. Blade, spell and hammer struck, and before long the party had slain the diminutive terrors. Jandor was wounded in the exchange, but said he would just walk it off. Another couple of hours of wandering had failed to bring the party any closer to the supposed location of the tower. Jandor was again getting frustrated when he ran headlong into a spider web and became trapped. His thrashing and cursing had drawn the attention of two giant spiders that tried to sneak up on the party, but were thwarted by Reda’s daggers and Feldoh’s spells. The battle did not last long but both Jandor and Ingra were bitten. after the spiders were slain Ingra called upon the healing power of her god to sooth the wounds they had accrued. An hour later, Jandor was finally able to gather his bearings an locate the base of the ruined tower. The crumbling base was over one hundred feet across, and greatly overgrown and ruined. A cursory search of the envisions failed to turn up any entrance to the underground. So with nervous glances to the treetops overhead, the party set up camp and ate their supper.


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