A student wizard, eager to prove himself.


Feldoh’s rough year started when he received word of his parent’s passing while on a return trip from Cheliax to attend to a distant relation’s funeral. Their letters were at first encouraging to him as he sat in his dormitory in the Korvsian magic school; the Acadamae. It seemed that by some quirk of succession, his family would inherit the considerable estate of an cousin he’d never even met. But the intricacies and dangers of Chellish matters of court prove to much for them. Their ship was sunk upon the return trip under suspicious circumstances. Barely a month passed from that tragedy until Feldoh received word that through some obscure infernal law he was to far removed form the line to inherit the relative’s estate and worse yet, because of his parent’s accepting of it, their estate was to absorbed into it and returned to Cheliax. Feldoh was suddenly found penniless, and homeless. He could no longer afford his tuition for his next semester of school and was thrown out of the Acadamae. With a heavy heart, pawned what he could part with and began a long arduous journey to beseech his great uncle; Brodert Quink, in Sandpoint.



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