An opportunistic thief, finally out of luck


Reda has always been keenly aware of the fickleness of luck. Just another street urchin living in Uderbridge; a notorious slum in the grand city of Magnimar, Reda grew up knowing that the only thing that life was going to give is what she took. She bided her time there, working as a pickpocket, safe-cracker, mugger, even prostitute. Moving from one mentor or pimp to the other. That all changed when she met Weston. Weston was handsome, charismatic, and all the young Half-Elf could dream of in a boy. It took him little time to woo her away from the darkened streets of Underbridge. He had a plan to travel north to the city of Riddleport, to join his father’s crew. Sadly in the sleepy harbor town of Sandpoint their luck ran out. While trying to rob the local sage; Brodert Quink, they were caught. Weston managed to get away by leading Reda into a trap ensuring the guards capture her and not him. While she actually had none of the stolen goods on her, and the sheriff; Belor Hemlock couldn’t totally prove her an accomplice, he did trump up any charge he could against the girl, slapped her in irons. Now she sits in Sandpoint’s jail with a hefty fine between her and freedom.



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