A wandering cleric, none too eager to return home


Dwarves, as a race value honor and tradition, and Ingra is no exception. Her path in life was decided before She was even born. She was to join the Church of Torag and become a cleric in his service. Ingra had no qualms about her lot in life, She embraced it. Her younger brother however, was not such a Dwarf. Ingra always coddled Grunyar, relishing in her role as the big sister. But as he grew more and more distant from the teaching of Torag, it was soon Ingra’s influence that was suspected as blame. When he finally fled their homeland of Janderhoff, Ingra was tasked with returning him. She finally caught up to Grunyar in the human settlement of Sandpoint, but could not convince him to return home to their father’s wrath. Ingra wept for her baby brother and could not bring herself to force him, so she let him go and sought refuge in the local human chapel. The whimsical and soft priests of Desna could give her no solace on what to do. She knew She dare not return without her brother, and had no where else to go.



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